Check Out Cabreirés Leonese

Cabreirés, el Llionés de Cabreira.

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

Cabreirés is spoken in southwestern Leon near the Galician border north of the Senabrese speaking area in Zamora to the south.

This is a clip from a video called Asina Falamos which is a documentary of the Leonese language produced in the region. The man is much easier to understand. I believe he is speaking Asturian. His Asturian is very clear. I am not sure if this is what the pure Asturian sounds like or if his is heavily influenced by Castillian. At any rate, I can only understand him about half the time even though he speaks clearly.

I can barely understand a single word of what this woman is saying. Her language sounds like she took Castillian and ran it through a Vegematic.

The last half of the video the woman is speaking most of the time. She is apparently telling a story in Leonese. The only thing…

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