Asina Falamos

“Assina Falamos”

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

A very nice documentary about the Leonese language spoken in Leon today. As you can see, in some towns there are still children speakers. In other places, most are middle aged or elderly.

If you can speak Spanish or Portuguese, see how much of this Leonese you can get. Cover up the subtitles to make it harder. Even after a full 30 minutes of this, I still could barely make out any of this language. Some speakers do not get subtitles. Their lect also sounded very strange, but then Castillian sounds odd to me. One middle aged tailor seems to be speaking Castillian with heavy Leonese influence. The professor is simply speaking Castillian, but I still had a hard time with her because Castillian Spanish is hard for me to hear. The young librarian from Astorga gets subtitles, but he is a lot easier to understand. I assume he is…

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